Mike Hasler Portfolio

Musician. Artist. Actor. Author. Web Designer.


Projects completed for BCIT

A cop hunts his would-be killer

Written, Produced, Directed, Edited by Mike Hasler

Shot, Scored, Lit by Mike Hasler and Paul Kovacs

What if your music listened to you?

Written, Produced, Directed, Shot by Mike Hasler & Paul Kovacs

Edited by Mike Hasler

Can the hero really fight multiple enemies at once?

Written, Illustrated, Animated, Voice Acted by Mike Hasler

Music ©2005 Warner Records.

A semi-public return to dancing

Choreographed, Captured, Edited by Mike Hasler

Music ©2014 Allido Records.

Some souls you can't forget

Video Designed, Compiled, Edited by Mike Hasler

Music ©2012 Surprise Attack Productions.

Mike Hasler of Jackson Soulfire performs solo

Captured, Edited by Danny Rodriguez

Music ©2004 Surprise Attack Productions


Photoshop and Illustrator work

The Machine's Heart



Jackson Soulfire Albums


Pen & Ink Illustrations from the graphic novel Jackson Soulfire