Mike Hasler

Musician. Artist. Actor. Author.

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“Do one thing, do it well” is a nice sentiment, but what happens when you have multiple aspirations? Worse, what do you do when everything you’re good at is in a field where it can be difficult to make money? Answer: you work hard to get good at everything, await your break in something and hopefully produce some great art in each stream.

I once was a musician working in many facets of the field, including writing/recording/producing albums. Though some say you never stop being something I've now left that industry and am pursuing a career in graphic and web design. I want to achieve Adobe certification for Photoshop and Illustrator. I like to write, and run this blog. I’ve recently learned to code a website into existence (you’re clicking through my handiwork now), a challenge surprisingly harder than raising three energetic sons. My great love in the arts, though? The challenge of scripting/lighting/shooting/editing video.

Enjoy what’s on this site and click on my social links to take a free trip around the Internet. Hope you make it back here. -Mike

Fun Facts

  1. Every swim coach I trained under said I could get to the Olympics. Whether they meant with swimming or a plane ticket I'm not sure.

  2. As a kid, I won every coloring contest I entered. One time the stuffed-animal prize was taller than me and it was hard to carry out of the mall.

  3. There’s a tie for Favorite Quote about me:

    • “Mike doesn’t really walk. He kind of half glides, half dances.”

    • “Mike bleeds creativity.”

    • "Mike's a nerd in a non-nerd body.”