Photoshop Composites

"The X-Men Say Hello"

Before I owned Adobe Photoshop, I could only dream about being able to create these complex image composites. One of my first projects after a few hours learning the software was to find stills of these actors from the “X-Men” movie franchise and rally them for an epic showdown.

Advertisement Re-design

The task on this project was to redesign an existing advertisement. The original ad for Shell was visually strong but there seemed to be logic issues in their copy (the ad claims a "breakthrough in engine protection" but the product puts a hole in the side of your vehicle?) This redesign attempts to take their slogan and give it originality and double-meaning, while going a different route with the visual.



"Art in the Park"

A lover of big, bold, splashy, glossy, and complex, I don't naturally do simple but I appreciate artists who can be minimalist and elegant without their work looking unfinished. This assignment -design a poster for a fictional event- was the right one to try the flat style on, and a good marriage of concept and art direction emerged.

"Calio's at Waterfront"

Hungry? My classmate and friend Ed White and I designed this menu for a fictional restaurant called "Calio's". Ed handled the exotic menu items and their descriptions while I used Photoshop and Illustrator to give Calio's its mouthwatering look.

Vintage Pillboxes

These pillboxes were designed for the Delta School District's website, which educates educators on modern teaching methods. I created these category banners for the District's WordPress site, using both Illustrator and Photoshop to achieve the finished look.

Fun Facts

  • After working with the DSD to design the pillboxes, I was tasked with making the image 'clickable' using image-mapping. Great coding challenge.

  • Balance between being an artist and being a graphic designer is hard to achieve. Design is a great way to make money from your art, but design rarely wants you, it justs wants your artistic ability. Art lets you express yourself but rarely pays the electric bill.