Burning Daylight

an 8 minute cop drama

Synopsis: A cop living under constant threat of death gets a chance to take out his would-be killer

(2015) Runtime: 8 minutes

Written/Produced/Directed/Edited by Mike Hasler

Shot/Scored/Lit by Mike Hasler and Paul Kovacs

For our final project in Audio/Video Class, we were able to create anything we wanted, to a maximum run time of eight minutes. My production partner, classmate, friend (and gifted comedian) Paul Kovacs, offered numerous subject ideas, one day casually suggesting we do a “cop versus assassin” storyline. This idea excited me and I presented the first draft of the script a day later.

The Burning Daylight script let me realize a lot of ambitions, like:

With Paul playing the villain and myself the hero, we had a lot of laughs acting alongside our classmate Danny Rodriguez while trying to shoot in the busiest alley in Vancouver. There was even a role for my wife, who agreed to be filmed under the condition she didn't have any lines.

For the climactic confrontation, Paul and I rewrote that portion of script until we could tell a lot of story in few lines. Paul contributed good camerawork in the alley and parkade scenes and put together the haunting main musical theme. I curated the remaining music, recorded many of the movie’s sound effects, and edited the piece.

Called “the pinnacle of our Audio/Video work” at BCIT, I’m impressed with how much story we told in eight minutes, how we re-ordered the story's chronology for maximum impact, and how we put together a mini-movie while the school schedule was threatening to bury us.

Fun Facts

  • Burning Daylight was shot in three cities. We shot twenty takes in the alley before realizing the camera was off.

  • Production cost a mesmerizing $300, which paid for coffee, parking, and a couple of lights.

  • My then-5-year-old son Vennex was filmed in scenes with his older brother but doesn't appear in the final cut. The talent was there. The attention span, not so much.

The Echo From Sci-Inside

Synopsis: What if your life had a soundtrack? What if the music listened to you?

(2015) Runtime: 3 minutes

Written/Produced/Directed/Shot by Mike Hasler & Paul Kovacs

Edited by Mike Hasler

This is a promotional video for a fictional company called Sci-Inside, and is designed to promote "The Echo," a serum that, once inside your bloodstream, can sense your mood and generate an appropriate playlist of internal music. That means perfect songs at just the right time. That means no more tangled ear buds.

I wrote the script based on a unique idea from my video production partner Paul Kovacs. This video was warmly received by our class, grading well and returning the following relished quote from our instructor, Jeff Schultz: “At first I was like, what the hell are they talking about, but by the end I was excited to buy this product!”

Hollywood Hoaxes Hammered

Synopsis: Can the hero really take on multiple enemies at once? In a well-lit sewer, we put the boots to this myth.

(2015) Runtime: 52 seconds

Written/Illustrated/Animated/Voice Acted by Mike Hasler

Music ©2005 Warner Records.

My foray into animation! (Favorite part was performing the ridiculous voice acting).

Fun Facts

  • My one and only hobby is watching movies, although I don't watch them so much as study them. My wife has to tell me the plot after credits roll because I spend so much screen time absorbing the soundtrack and looking at locations, wardrobe, performances, and lighting that I miss the story.

  • My wife and I like to watch cheesy Christmas movies together.

  • Every movie genre has its cliches, but none so evident as the Romantic Comedy. You can set your watch to the imminent break-up scene that always occurs at the 90 minute mark when the lie has unravelled and the girl quits the relationship just in time for the guy's 1:45:00 run through the streets and over a cab past supporting actors in the rain to get to the airport for a sentimental repeat of the flick's catchphrase and a heart-tugging happy ever after.

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