A Picture's Worth

I've written in a variety of styles: scripts for stage and screen, online articles, promotional copy, reviews, lyrics, short stories, even a novel (and its huge, almost-finished-never sequel). Please visit my blog where my work is arranged for easy reading.

Thanks for taking the time!

A mock-up cover to my novel, Jackson Soulfire (2006). Although this is meant as a book cover, it took the form of a movie poster. (I would love to work as a composite artist for movie posters/Blu-ray covers).

Fun Facts

  • People think the book is always better than the movie. The one case where that's not true is Star Wars. Reading about a "laser sword" can't hold a candle to the visual delight of seeing a lightsaber.

  • People say e-mail has no tone. I think it's more accurate to say some people can't write and some can't read. But I can't do math, so, no judgment.